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  My ambition is to chronicle history in calendar form. I connect the past to the present by reconstructing a subject into daily increments thus providing the unique perspective of relating your day with those of long ago.

There are FIFTEEN (15) calendars currently available.
Each calendar is 11 x 17 inches when on display:

† Calendar of Firsts (VIEW)
† Chess Calendar (VIEW)
† Mob Hits Calendar (VIEW)
† 1971 Sports Calendar (VIEW)
† Calendar of Death (VIEW)
† 1987 News Calendar (VIEW)
† 1980 News Calendar (VIEW)
1973 Watergate Calendar (VIEW)
1942 Rommel Calendar (VIEW)
† 1941 World War II Calendar (VIEW)
† 1862 Civil War Calendar (VIEW)
French Republic Calendar (VIEW)
Roman Republic Calendar (VIEW)
1938 Geopolitics Calendar (VIEW)
Calendar of Atlas Shrugged (VIEW)



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